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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions - Answered!

Your Questions - Answered!

We have put together lots of helpful information to answer most common questions. If you have any questions you feel we should add to this list, please let us know!

About FX Instructor

What is the objective of FX Instructor?

Our goal is to create an environment where both experienced and beginner traders would feel comfortable learning and sharing their experiences, while continuing their trading education and improving their trading results.

What can FX Instructor do for me?

No matter your level of experience, FX Instructor provides you with the tools and the support needed to gain market knowledge and to make the most out of your trading experience.

By receiving professional trading education with FX Instuctor, you can avoid having to learn from your own mistakes - an experience much more costly than the competitive pricing we offer.

What first steps do you recommend for someone who is just starting out?

By understanding that you must take the first step, and by coming to our website to learn more about trading, you have already made a very intelligent decision.

We recommend you take advantage of our excellent Live Trading Room, which will let you tap into the professional forex knowledge of our instructors and watch them trade every day, while asking questions and participating.

In order for us to give you the best consultation regarding your trading education, please use the Live Support button available at the top of every page to communicate with a member of our staff.

Once we understand exactly what you seek from this experience, we can advise you properly on the next steps to take.

Does trading the financial markets involve risk?

Trading involves substantial risk. There are no guarantees in the market for profitability.

We have incorporated in our courses risk management techniques, and also some examples of good trading strategies, but one can still lose significant amounts of money if they do not trade intelligently.

What do I need to get started participating in live trading?

You must have the patience required to study the markets before actually trading with your hard earned cash.

Building patience and discipline is one of the objectives of our courses. The transition from student to trader should occur naturally.

As for the actual amount of cash needed to start trading, everyone has their own limits - however, this amount should be large enough to allow for some leeway, but small enough so that you will not be overwhelmed by the losses which you would certainly suffer.

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