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About TRADERS' Magazine

About TRADERS' Magazine

TRADERS' media GmbH is a financial markets publisher specializing in education and further education in the field of trading and stock markets. TRADERS' media was founded in April 2004. It publishes the trading magazine TRADERS´ in the German (print), English (digital), Dutch (digital), and Arabic (digital) languages every month. TRADERS´ magazine was already founded in 2001 by market mavericks Lothar Albert and Allison Ellis. Lothar Albert is CEO of TRADERS´ media GmbH and chief editor of TRADERS´ magazine. Further TRADERS´ editions will follow focusing on Asia, India and Russia and coming soon in the very near future, an edition for Latin America in Spanish language. For four years in a row, 2004-2007, TRADERS´ has been awarded the title of World's Best Magazine for Traders by Trade2Win, an international community of traders.

Our magazine has established itself as a source for information and communication for elite traders in Germany, Europe and around the world. Current information about technical, mathematical and psychological aspects of the markets is discussed in professional articles and interviews. TRADERS´ is the dialogue base to update and enhance a trader's knowledge. Our topics run from Day Trading, Swing Trading to Position Trading. TRADERS´ covers all sorts of trading, such as trading in stock markets, options, warrants, foreign currencies or futures. Of course, we also write about Certificates, Single Stock Futures, as well as ETFs or CFDs.

In addition to its magazine, TRADERS´ media GmbH produces magazines for brokers and banks and has, in the last few years, expanded into the areas of video production and customer training of brokers.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?

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