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William Gilday

William Gilday

William K. Gilday is a professional Forex expert working full time for FX Instructor educational portal. William is a Forex Trader from 2006 when he started trading part-time. In 2008 he retired from a fantastic 27 year career in Fire Rescue and moved to Thailand, where he fully dedicated himself to trading.

Years of practice made William a real professional and brought his trading to the upper level. Here's what he says about his trading:

"My trading style has been the same over the years and I am very grateful for the mentors I have in the beginning as a trader. I have learned early that discipline was the most important issue in trading and I live by that. I trade a pullback system and do not chase the big candle without a plan. Every part of the plan is complete prior to entering the trade my entry, stop and take profit is all placed at the same time when I place the trade."

Nowadays William is sharing his trading experience with another traders who are looking for a guide to help them make their steps in trading career. To provide his students with maximum of information on a daily basis William is preparing educational materials and analytics. Here are some responsibilities of Mr. Gilday:

  • Holding Live Trading Room session
  • Preparing Forex market commentaries
  • Providing educational webinars
  • Making video market overviews for the brokerage company FXCL
  • Leading his own blog at FX Instructor

In case you are interested in attending any webinars of Mr Gilday or receiving educational materials from him, you may contact him directly at

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