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EURUSD Daily Forecast: May 19

EURUSD Daily Forecast: May 19
Monday, May 19th, 2014 @ 3:09 am by Setyo Wibowo

About Setyo Wibowo:

Setyo Wibowo

Living in East Java, Indonesia and holding International Relations degree, Setyo Wibowo began his forex trading career by joining Fortune Channel Investment in 2000 as a market analyst, while learning to trade forex independently on his own.

Driven by his desire to share his trading experiences and ideas, Setyo joined the FX Instructor team in 2008. Setyo Wibowo is now living in Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia.

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EURUSD Forecast        

The EURUSD attempted to push lower last week, but found a good support at the daily EMA 200 and 1.3650 support area as you can see on my daily chart below. The bias is neutral in nearest term. Important intraday range to be closely watched is seen between 1.3775 – 1.3650. A clear break above 1.3775 could trigger further bullish pressure testing 1.3850 – 1.3900. On the other hand, a clear break below 1.3650 could trigger further bearish scenario at least testing 1.3500.


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